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I'm a freelance web designer originally from the south of Scotland and now I live in Malaga, Spain. I have 14 years solid experience working as a full-time web designer.

I enjoy designing and building mobile apps, web applications and websites. I can design mockups for any project and develop them into fully functional static websites or integrated CMS websites using Joomla or Wordpress. I have strong SEO skills that allow me to help my projects get found on Google.

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Web Design


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My Skills

Semantic Code

The performance and accessibility of your website or web app effects everything from UX/UI to positioning in Google search results. I create semantic HTML websites with SASS for CSS. This means you are getting a good product under the hood.

Responsive Design

Websites must be flexible. This means that your website or web app must adapt and perform specifically for the users device. This could be a smartphone, tablet or any variation of desktop computer, laptop and even smart TV's.

Business Specific

Its very important to treat each project individually. I try to learn about how your business works so that the website can improve services, product performance and customer relations.

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Please contact me by using one of the icon links below if you would like to discuss working together. I can provide an no obligations estimate or quote if I am provided with enough detail.

If you have any questions or are not sure how to start a new project then please ask me over email from the icon links below.

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